How Casino Manipulates You

But I was surprised to learn that when it comes to the various forms of Poker, security isn’t as tight. Why? Because the players aren’t playing the “House”, they’re playing each other. Interestingly enough, casinos don’t make as much money as you think during high-stakes Poker games. And that’s because all players get a set number of chips and try and take it from each other.

To that end, the players themselves are technically the security. They’ll watch all the other players to ensure that nothing untoward goes on. There’s going to be some security, sure, because they’ll want to protect the dealer and the players in case something bad happens. But in regards to looking out for cheaters? Yeah, they really don’t feel the need to scrutinize as much. 4.

Casinos Chips Are Filthy Ok, this isn’t exactly mind-blowing, but it’s worth taking note for hygienic reasons. Casinos are meant to be clean, yes. After all, if it’s filthy, no one will want to go and be there.

But with the chips, you might be surprised how dirty they are. After all, these are chips that are being touched by many different people. People bring chips to the tables, where they are touched by the players, the dealers, others players who take them from both after winning, then they’re taken to the “bank” to be cashed in, then put back on other tables to be used.

Now, yes, I suspect that they do clean the chips eventually, but considering how long it may be until that point? Once you’re done playing for the night? Might want to wash your hands. 3. Casinos Are Designed To Keep You Inside Them Have you ever been to a casino? Do you remember what it was like wandering the floor as you tried to find something?

It can be very confusing. What’s more, most casinos have only one entrance/exit, and that’s exactly the point. Once you enter a casino, they don’t want you to leave until all your money is spent. They go to extreme lengths at times to ensure that you just “wander outside”. For example, casinos don’t have clocks or windows. Yes, your cell has a clock, but when you’re deep into a game, you likely won’t check your phone.

As for the windows, if you look outside and see it was light and now it’s dark, that’ll signal your brain that you’ve been there for hours, and need to leave. But wait, that’s just the start. The layout of the slots, tables, and more are designed to keep you away from the doors. The music of the slot machines, and sometimes even background music, are meant to keep you light and happy.

For if you’re happy, you’re not going to want to leave. As if audio distractions and guides weren’t enough, visually, the casino is designed to be a spectacle. Bright lights, big signs, the look of the tables and slot machines, it’s all meant to keep you stimulated.