Security Is Tighter Than You Think

Ok, think about Ocean’s 11 and 13 (we don’t talk about 12 here…). Remember how deep and detailed the security was in those casinos?

How did Reuben say it? “They’ve got cameras, they’ve got locks, they’ve got vaults. They enough armed security to occupy Paris!” Well, you might think after watching these movies, and other casino spinit films and shows, that they exaggerated how tight security is. Well…they didn’t.

There’s a reason that true casino robberies don’t happen that often. Not that people don’t try, but they’re quickly put down. More common are scams to try and cheat the casino out of their money, which is never smart, but the security is so well trained that they know what to look for, even if you don’t. For example, if a person is playing a slot machine, and they’re loading in their coins, but not looking at the machine itself as they do it, they’re cheating.

How so? Because that means they’re looking around for security to see if they’ll get caught. The guards use cameras all over the casinos to read body language, to look for clues as to how a person could be cheating, it’s very complex.

Can they prevent everything? No, but they’re well equipped to try. And if you don’t believe me, think back to the Ocean’s movies and all the things that the crew had to do to get one over on the casino owners. It takes a village… 6. You Get Investigated When You Win Big Picture this. You’ve been playing the games all right and have been doing ok. You’ve done Poker, Blackjack, a few slots, and you just have the urge to play Roulette.

You get this “feeling” in you to bet big, so you do, on 13. And it hits, and you walk away with $100,000. You’re through the roof! But for security, they’re looking into you the moment you got declared the winner. Why are they investigating you? Because you won big!

And as I noted in the previous entry, they want to make sure that you didn’t cheat. Don’t worry, if you’re clean, they’re not going to touch you. It’s the Pit Boss’ job to ensure that big wins are legitimate. And given the luck of Las Vegas and other casinos, there are a lot of legitimate winners.

It does happen. That doesn’t mean they won’t do their job. They’ll likely see what you do next, if you keep playing or walk away.

They’ll track down where you were before and whether you won well there, etc., etc. In the end, as long as you didn’t cheat, you’ll be fine, and you’ll have that money you won. Never forget, while casinos want your money, they also want you to stay in the casino, and if they harassed every winner who won legitimately, no one would want to go there. They’ll check you out, then move on, that’s their job. 5. Poker Doesn’t Have As Much Security Though Security is a big topic for casinos, which is why it has numerous spots on this list.