– What’s that Garrido? – What a nice hand for cooking! Many years living in the South, I’m almost a southerner Did you record Akkari Team? Look what Akkari do when they come to Vegas brings the whole Akkari Team, take a look Look at these guys! Do you like to get all these guys together?

– There they are! – Just a small crew! – Look if Akkari take it seriously. – Just a small crew – Look this small crew!

– A small crew! – Let’s go crew! – Let’s go! The biggest training center in the world, dude!

Only that! – The guy shoved 77 with 16 or 17 blinds – Directly? – Yeah! – Yeah, but it was 5-handed – Oh yeah, I know! Then Silva called with AJ – Did you fold?

– I had AK He tanked… He had odds to pay, you know? I also had a complicated situation that I earned the pot – of the tournament… – Let’s jump in the pool?

– …with a guy with 4 blinds, dude! – Let’s jump the pool? – Did he have 4 blinds left? – Yeah, he had 4 blinds left Then I said: – Damn, game over! A big one!

Then he set an ALL-IN and I called I don’t remember my hand I guess it was TK He had A2, flop 345, dude Oh dude! Then it came back to AT And I said: – That’s not possible! I thought it wouldn’t be good If you don’t suffer a little bit, it’s not funny – Then in the next hand, he set an ALL-IN again – I called with KJ – Did you win the bracelet with KK, right? – No, it was with KJ KK was the Giant Hand Oh, okay! Did you play with K pre-flop?

The guy continued then you said: You know what? I’ll put everything Am I right? I have a very strange craze when I set an ALL-IN pre flop My craze is to look at the guy instead of looking the flop – I also look at the guy! – Do you look at the guy, dude?

It’s the same thing of looking the percentage in PS Do you look at him to see if he seems happy or sad? I had AK and the guy had TT Then flop K92 The I look at the guy, you know? Then he takes an action and I look at him, it happens If you play with those Danish players… – A real iceman that hits… – No, the guy really eases No way! It’s impossible! If something is fucked up, it’s really fucked up, dude!

Good guy! Dude, I can’t! I look at the cards!

When he’s flipping the card’s face up, I’m the first to see it Then I cheer on expectations Because I don’t look around, dude – Do you mentalize the card? – I mentalize 5, 4 or 3 – Blank? – Blank! But I mentalize in one call only Like, AK and QQ I have QQ, then the flop is 555 Then it hit J, 8, 3 Then I say: – That’s it!

5 then turn 7 then other 5, other 5… – I mentalize one card – That’s the inverse! It’s the inverse! Yours needs to come! – I don’t know! Yours’ coming!

– If it’s AK against QQ and I’m AK then I only call K K, K, K and the it flops AJ7 Then I mentalize: – Other K, other K, other K… I only mentalize one card – This guy is crazy! – I gotta tell you guys, he’s too much! I’m too much, guys! I say it and you don’t believe me, damn!

Let me tell you something Garrido! Once I was looking at the cards I was in the EPT’s bubble in Monte Carlo It was really the bubble, it was hand for hand I was big in chips, dude! Degas (Thiago Nishijima) was there, I think he was ITM Do you remember that? I was the bubble that everyone clapped, dude. – Awesome!

– It was €25k, dude! I had 99, flop was 972 Then he bet and I called – Then turned J – J Then he checked, I bet and he set an ALL-IN I didn’t even tank… I called I opened and he was covering me, right? Then he opened QQ, dude And I opened 99, you know? – Oh my! – Then the whole press started to come with cameras With everything!

– What’s that? – Then everybody came… Dude, the dealer was left-handed, you know? And I was in seat 9 and the guy was in seat 3 – Did he see first?

– No, the dealer opened with her left hand, like this… Dude, I hate when it happens to me! And when she saw that The floor came and said to her: – Stop all the tables, now you can open! When she turned a card and I saw a Q of clubs My blood pressure went down When she opened that Q of clubs I said: – Oh my…

I saw it first! I faint, dude! Dude, the expression on my face before she turned the card up, the guy was already commemorating There’s nothing worse than being the last guy to see cards when dealer turns them up, dude!

I see the back of three cards coming And I don’t see whilst everybody already sees them Then I’m the last one to see them… like the cheated one The last one I really get upset, dude! The worst happens when a guy is about to beat and he holds a bit, dude! That’s awful!

Dude, in my flip – If he’s about to flip holding a while – That’s the guy! – There’s no way out! – This stuff is mine… – It’s the worst! – It’s too bad!

Hey folks! I’m getting ready! Monster Stack here I go!

It’s a regular tournament, $1,500, right? It’s a non-regular, because it only happens once But among the $1,500 tournaments, this is the most pleasant to play Because the number of chips are doubled All $1,500 games starts with 7,500 chips Monster Stack starts with 15,000 chips I mean, it’s doubled, right? You pay the same Buy-in, but it’s doubled by the start Dude, a Sunday in Vegas can’t be bad Full of recreationals, Americans fly to Vegas So, today is the day to go for it! How many people showed up yesterday, Foster? In DAY 1 A? Do you know?

I saw something like… 3,800 or more, because they were still registering. – 4,000? – 3,800?

Oh I see! – It must have surpassed 4,000 – Because I looked the second level! – Oh, a lot of people! – Many people! – 4,000 in DAY 1 A I guess it’ll be the same number today!

– More, much more! – In this event last year had re-entry You could play DAY 1 A and if you busted – You could play DAY 1 B, but we had a Day off yesterday… – Yeah! That’s true!

Because we could only chose one flight They are expecting many people and they didn’t allow re-entries this year. All tournaments want more and more players But they had to forbid re-entries if busted Because of lack of tables and space And look the size of that thing! Can you imagine if they had endless space endless cards and dealers?

– Structure, right? – Structure to serve the demand of entries and re-entries? Can you imagine the size this tournament would be?

That’d be something from outer space Yeah! So they had to forbid re-entries Last year they allowed Because they don’t have enough space, schedule, dealer Everything else, dude! It’s absurd!

– Neither chips, if I’m not mistaken! – Neither chips! Oops! – Your backpack! – My backpack And the little pillow of life – Here we go! – Let’s go!

See you, Gustavão! – See you! GL! – See you later, brother! See you in dinnerbreak, DAY 2, DAY 3…. Let’s go! – K86 with K8 of spades!

– K86 with K8 of spades? Its use is strange As he had J of spades, He was blocking a lot of combinations that I could get There was a K and a J already – Where were you? In Big?

– UTG, dude! – Oh, he blocked you and you called He didn’t block only my A of spades only, right? I was 80 BB deep, dude! – Pos-flop, in the pre-flop… – What blind was it? 300 In the pre-flop we were… I opened 2 and he re-raised 6 We were 86 – With this hand 86… – Did you make 600 he made 1,800?

It was almost it! No, I made a little bit more I made 700 and he made 1,800 Then I called I checked and he set 2,100… No, he set 2,300 – I set 6 6 yet? That’s tough! Then I thought and set an ALL-IN 24,400 – Did you pay?

– Then I paid, dude! I don’t know what you’ve got Show me what you’ve there… Mine is already there! – Mine is a triple of 6!

– Yeah! Then he pulled an A, J off The turn was a red one already down there What if it were a Q on the turn? If it were a Q on the turn, that would be weird – A Q of spades then? – If it were a Q of spades then I’d be going home! I guess the guy feels a little bad You have to cast a spell Stand up When the guy sets an ALL-In and prepare it on the turn… oh my… it’s over Here’s what I think… No spades!

I only asked no spades, because if it were spades I already knew my destiny Hey folks! We made it again! Look Bozzano is over there! Brazilians are all together! Look! Bozzano’s chips!

He’s taking them home, look! – Did it work Bozzano? – Yes!

Let’s go, guys! One more day 2 to count! Take notes! Another Brazilian here, Rafael! – What’s up Rafa? He’s a Bedias’ follower We made it as well!

And now another DAY 2 Chasing another ITM 6,716 people joined the tournament, Only 2,030 left Almost 4,000 people have already busted And for ITM there are 1,008 left It means a bunch of people to beat yet One more ITM to count, dude! Our barbecue yesterday helped us, Foster! – Yeah!

It boosted us! – Yeah! – What a barbecue we had yesterday, man! Let’s go, guys!

One more DAY 2 to count! Este é pra você Esse vai pra dentro do saco E esse é pra mim! Learned it, dude!

I’m leaving here from Monster Stack DAY 1 One more DAY 2 to count! And I have received many questions from you guys About several different topics that is not only related to the hand, the technical skills A lot of people have been asking me a lot of things Mainly in the YouTube comments that you write Also via DM in Instagram And I decided to talk a little about some subject that… …are frequently asked Well, among all the people who ask me millions of things And one of the topics that I have received many questions lately… …is about the early game Whilst I’m leaving DAY 1 towards DAY 2, I decided to talk a little about it About the early game Well, people are asking me if I should… If it’s necessary to play the early game or if it’s not What’s my opinion on it? Well, the first thing I’m going to tell you is…

This is really personal! This is all about how the guy sees the game How the player sees the poker world So this is really… Well, it’s much more than having the right and the wrong It’s all about the thing you think that is right and why… And if you think it’s wrong than you ask why So it’s all about the reasons that convince you to think it’s right or it’s wrong In my case, I’m a true early game defender Regardless the amount I paid for Buy-in, to entry the tournament If the tournament is $1,500 or if it’s $3,000 or $10,000 It doesn’t matter to me To decide playing or not the early game If I start from the principle of joining the early game In my way of seeing the poker world I’ll have some more advantages over my adversaries There’s no reasonable reason why I shouldn’t do this Well, I’ve already heard… I’ve already discussed this subject with several professional friends of mine And I accept and understand when they say Gee, but if I skip the first 3 or 4 hours of the game In the last hours I’ll be better, more relaxed It’s true! Although when we become a professional poker player And we have to play a 10-hour game You must be ready for a 10-hour game, mustn’t you? You don’t have to prepare yourself only for the 6 last hours, right?

You must be ready for a 10-hour game So… well… I’m not defending my point of view, but rather saying why I love and defend the early game I defend it, regardless the amount I paid for Buy-in If I paid it or not I play the tournament in the same way Yes I play the $1,500 in the same way I play the $3,000, the $5,000, or the $10,000 I have the same love for my $1,500 tournament as I have for the $3,000 one Buy-in, the amount I pay to entry the tournament, doesn’t change my tournament life And it doesn’t change the way I play And it measures a lot the way I see the poker world regarding to it So, why is my early game so important? First of all, my early game is mega important… Because if I have an opportunity to spend 10 hours with those guys Analyzing how they think Observing how they play since the beginning of the game Why am I going to do this at the sixth hour? Why arrive with 50 blinds? If I can arrive with 200 blinds Spending hours and hours analyzing how each one thinks How does each play each hand? Imagine that at the fourth hour of play The amount of information I have from every individual on the table How each one plays, how each one thinks And how it’ll help me in the last hours of the game Can you imagine if I get there with 40 or 50 blinds Relaxed, of course… more rested than if I had arrived at the beginning But without any information Start collecting information in the fifth hour of the game or in the fourth.. Why?

Why am I going to start with a reduced stack amount, compared to most of my adversaries? And more than that, why would I lose so much information, if poker is a game of information? So, like I said and I repeat It’s a matter of point of view Just as I defend playing the early game And I play all 25-50 of all the tournaments I play Regardless if I paid the Buy-in I’m gonna play since the first blind level Well, I’ve already discussed it with many friends who don’t do this And I respect their opinion So, it’s also understandable for those who don’t think this way, as I do And those who don’t do the same I do So, I guess… like I said back then It’s much more about how you see the poker world How you see your tournament Your tournament life Than saying if it’s right or wrong So I’m not here to tell you if it’s right or wrong if you play I’m giving my opinion to you, as you ask me a lot about it Why do you play all early games? Why do you always get there to the first blind level? I’m the guy that arrives at the first blind level and wants to leave at the last blind level Because I use it very, very much in my favor But I repeat…

I truly respect the opinion of those who think differently And have the reasons to think differently This is just my contribution to you guys that play poker To be able to understand a little bit of how I see my poker world How I see my tournament And the reason why I spend many hours Many days playing each tournament I play Alright, guys? Here is my tip about the early game for you: Play the entire early game And devote yourself for the 10 hours that you’ll need In order to win your tournament Keeping all the necessary tools you need, since the first blind level That’s it, guys! Here we go! Let’s go, guys! Monster Stack DAY 2 here we go! A “Dream Tournament” We’re headed to our tables Today is the $1,500 Bounty DAY 500 for each one Let’s go!

Try to get big right in the beginning so we can cover the rest of the table And we manage to accumulate chips Let’s go! $5 e te mostro sua carta Boa! Boa mão! Eu sou professional – Ele é profissional – Sim! Muito tempo fazendo isso! – Prazer em te conhecer senhor!

– Muito bom! – Prazer em te conhecer! – Prazer em te conhecer! If he’s with me, right guys? We already know! They have no way out, guys!

Here our Monster Stack DAY 2 begins Obrigado! Hey guys! Today’s the $1,500 Bounty Day.

It’s a day that if you accumulate several of this means a good deal The more we get, we have 500 per each one Let’s try to play more actively right at the beginning to get stack to cover everyone. And eliminate these guys! Let’s go! GG, folks!

GG Monster Stack! Another DAY 2 that I busted It happen… I had 28 blinds I opened from the UTG in the blind 1,500-3 The button re-raised me He is a guy who plays a good amount of hands He wasn’t that kind of old guys, but even he was I’d bust anyway But he wasn’t, he was a more active guy He re-raised me, I shoved and he called I had AK and he had JJ Normal, very fair flip 50 for each side Flop K, 9, 3 I got excited I got happy Then his turn is J Drawing Dead GG, folks! Let’s get the next!

This one was good! I finished ITM, so it was good! But I’m already thinking about the next There’ll be more tomorrow! Let’s go! Can you imagine this coincidence? I played Moster Stack DAY 2 yesterday and I got ITM Do you know what table was mine?

The same today Do you know the chance of happening it? But I was in that seat yesterday Seat 1 Here our $1,500 WSOP starts! – Oh, meu Deus! – What’s up! – Is it time to arrive? Damn it, Gustavo!

It’s almost 4 am, man! Satellite today was tough, but I made it! Chips of the tournament I played the satellite from 575 I got 5,000 Dude, making 500 turn 5,000 is really good Well, it was a good tournament, dude! 90 people, as it’s 500 to 5,000, right? 1 vacancy out of 10 So, out of 90, there were 9 vacancies Well, now at this very end there were 11 players left for 9 vacancies It means we were in 2 tables Mine was in 5 players and the other in 6 And I had 8 blinds There was another player at my table with 7 And at the other table there was a guy with 5 And I knew I couldn’t only wait for them to bust, just because they had less chips Because the situation was really similar to each other As Satellite works as a Turbo structure, although I had 8 blinds The big players had 20 or 22 at most So, when I set an ALL-IN, Although I’m risking the chance of being busted and become the bubble It’s really difficult for them to pay They can hold a huge hand, but it’s really difficult to pay As we were in 5 at the table, it’s really rare to have good cards It means, my ALL-IN passed a lot for not having good cards And even when they have good cards They won’t have enough to risk a chance of losing a vacancy that is practically theirs As I was aware of that, what did I do? All my turns, I needed to have 7 or 8 blinds 1 hand per turn at least I set an ALL-IN In gap Having a good game or not Any equity hand I set an ALL-IN And as long as I was doing it, once or twice… it wasn’t necessary to repeat it many times As the other player at my table didn’t do He was missing all blinds And he was diminishing, what happened?

The player at the other table busted I had 11 blinds and the other one at my table was with 5 When we were in 10 players the table was joined in only 1 with 10 The bubble and the guy with 5 blinds remained The blind passed through him and he ended up with 3 I was keeping my 9 And when he decided to set an ALL-IN, that happened when he had 2,5 blinds He didn’t have anything and take down wouldn’t make anyone to fold He’s got 5 calls from the table Then, regardless if his cards were good or not… playing against 6, he had no chance of winning One guy ended up playing a card and eliminated him and all the other players got the vacancies I made it! Now let’s think about playing it or not! And the prize is all that matters with a high value prize And another prize to count! Let’s go!