Video Poker Rules and Tips

General Video Poker Rules

The rules are quite simple. You are dealt 5 cards from the deck of 52 cards (some games contain additional Jokers). In most games, the ace can also be counted as a one (the lowest card). Wild cards can be used as any card value that the player wishes.

You are then allowed to draw from 1 to 5 new cards. Unlike poker, where you play against other players, your goal is to make a winning hand. The video poker machine will pay you based on the value of your hand.

Video Poker Machines

General Video Poker Rankings

#1Royal Flush
#2Straight Flush
#3Four of a Kind
#4Full House
#7Three of a Kind
#8Two Pairs
#9One Pair

See the video poker glossary for definitions of the above hands and more information about the game.

The rules vary from game to game. As an example, five of a kind can be added to the above hand with the help of wild cards.

The following tips will point you in the right direction towards an enjoyable gaming experience.

Video Poker TipsPlay Maximum Coins. As a rule, VP machines offer a bonus for a royal flush when you bet maximum coins. Take advantage of this potential bonus. 

Use the correct VP Strategy. Believe in the math. I was quite surprised when I first saw the VP strategies. Often the best play is far from obvious, even to someone who had played poker before. 

Play at Reputable Online Casino NZ. Play at casinos that have good reputations, payment histories.

Find casinos that provide bonuses for video poker play. Bonuses will actually give you a mathematical advantage of winning. Take advantage of them. 

Find the best VP Odds & Payouts. Casinos use different payout schedules. Get to know what is a good payout and what isn’t.

Track your deposits and withdrawals. On the rare occasion you may want to email a casino if you are not paid promptly. 

Use an Internet Banking system . By using an online system like NETeller, you can receive payments from online casinos within days.